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DiviWP is a library of world-class pre-designed layouts and sections specifically built for the WordPress Visual Page Builder, Divi.

It empowers users to drag-and-drop layouts and sections directly into their WordPress websites knowing all the hard work has been done for them and all the settings have been pre-configured across desktop, tablet and mobile devices.


Tristan OwenHey, I’m Tristan. I’m currently working from Cape Town, South Africa and I’m the founder of DiviWP.

You can read my full backstory and the origins of this project in my introductory blog post. 


I created DiviWP because I believe there is level of technical understanding one needs to reach to unlock Divi’s full potential.

This technical understanding is not just limited to using the Divi Builder.

It also applies to the theory of design and all the nuances that accompany good user interface design.

For example, one of the hardest parts about putting together a good design is figuring out how each section, row and module works together to create harmonious and consistent layouts.

This is a skill that is learnt over time and with much practise.

I realised there’s an opportunity to share my expertise with the Divi community by offering professionally designed layouts and sections with best practise user interface and user experience design. 

My mission is to empower Divi users to easily drag-and-drop layouts or sections directly into their own websites knowing all the hard work has been done for them and all the settings have been pre-configured across desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

This will save hours of work which will enable users to move faster, learn how each module is configured or how each section fits together, charge higher rates and produce better design


Beautifully designed layouts and sections
hand-crafted for Divi.

20+ Demo Page Layouts
180+ individual sections
Semantically structured page hierarchy
Fully responsive and mobile optimised
Interactive sections
Gravity Forms and Divi form modules compatible
DiviWP Sections

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I modify layouts or sections?

You sure can! You’ll be able to tweak colors, copy or images in a matter of minutes using Divi’s built in productivity tools.

Each section, row and module uses the Divi Builder’s settings as far as possible. Rows and columns are labelled with custom CSS where applicable so you’re aware of what’s in use. Code modules are included where specific custom CSS is required.

Is the Divi theme included?

No. You will need to purchase the Divi theme separately. Click here to purchase Divi →

Can I use layouts or section on client websites?

You’re welcome to use DiviWP’s layouts and sections on as many client websites as you like! Read more about the DiviWP license here.

What format are the downloadable files?

You’ll be able to download both Divi Library JSON files that can be imported into your divi library as well as individual section JSON files that can dragged and dropped directly into your new or existing pages.

We also provide the theme builder JSON fils where applicable.

Who are you?

I’m Tristan Owen, a web developer and designer currently working from Cape Town, South Africa.

Read more about my story →

Will I be able to download the header and footer used on this website?

Yep, we’re busy finalising a series of header and footers including the DiviWP site headers and footers. These will be released soon.

In fact almost all of the pages you experience on DiviWP will soon be available as layouts and sections.

Buy now to get instant and future access to everything.

Can I get an invoice?

For sure, you’ll receive a link to your PDF invoice in your confirmation email but you can login anytime and download an invoice from your account dashboard.

You’ll be able to add a company name, registration number and/or VAT numbers to your invoices.

Can I upgrade to the Lifetime package later?

Yep! You’ll be able to upgrade anytime from your account dashboard. Lifetime access is the best value for money package as it’s only a one-time purchase.

Buy now to unlock instant and future access to everything!

What version of Divi is used?

Our layouts and sections are compatible from Divi 3.25 and up. We always recommend using the latest version of Divi for security and stability purposes.

What form solutions do you support?

We currently support the Divi Email Optin Module, Divi Contact Form Module and Gravity Forms. We may offer support for other form solution in the future.

Do you offer support?

We sure do! Please read our support policy in our terms and conditions.

Did you hear about the new rock band called 999 megabytes?

No, because they haven’t had any gigs yet!

Start implementing beautiful designs today

Choose the introductory package that suits your needs. We recommend the Lifetime Access option as it’s a one time fee and you’ll get all updates forever.



$149 / year


Yearly fee

18+ demo page layouts

200+ individual sections

Updates and support for 1 year



$299 / 1-time


One-time fee

18+ demo page layouts

200+ individual sections

Fully responsive and mobile optimised

Gravity Forms and Divi form modules compatible

Lifetime support and updates

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* Divi Theme not included

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