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Divi Newsletter Section Layouts

16 x Divi Newsletter Section Layouts including Gravity Form styles and Divi’s built-in Email Optin Module.

Beautiful form design increases conversions. These Sections beautifully showcase Divi’s built-in Email Optin Modules providing you with a range of options you can experiment with within your own page design. Each form element is carefully designed to produce elegant and clear input fields.Β 

You can pick and choose which Section to use and either create your own preset from it or copy/paste the section into your own pages and then customize it within your own system.

Our attention to detail makes each Section consistent within an overall design system. However, you’ll be able to tweak colors, copy, images, icons, basically anything within the layout or section in a matter of minutes using Divi’s built in productivity tools.

Documentation is provided where Custom CSS is in use to achieve a desired look and feel across desktop, tablet and mobile.

View the documentation for DiviWP’s Newsletter Section Layouts β†’

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