DiviWP Layouts and Sections are fully compatible with the Divi 4.10+ Performance Update

on August 20, 2021
DiviWP Layouts and Sections are fully compatible with the Divi 4.10+ Performance Update šŸŽ‰.

Elegant Themes recently released a massive new update for Divi which will dramatically improve the speed of your Divi websites.

It’s a major release with a ton of complex and powerful functionality and as of writing, the Elegant Themes team have already released two additional updates to help fix teething issues. As of writing we’re on version 4.10.2.

You can always view their changelog to keep up to date with the latest release notes. Just imagine all the work they have to do to ensure compatibility for thousands upon thousands of different Divi websites, all with different combinations of plugins, extensions and hosting environments!

DiviWP Compatibility

A few customers have asked us if our Sections and Layouts are compatible with this update and I’m very happy to say yes, they certainly are!

That’s because we’ve used best practises when including any custom CSS code modules or custom jQuery code modules and have kept this to the absolute minimum as far as possible.

We can’t guarantee that other 3rd party plugins, extensions or layouts will be compatible with this update so please update with caution.

If you experience any issues our advice would be to roll-back via Divi ā†’ Theme Options ā†’ Updates ā†’ Version Rollback or simply turn off some of the performance settings in the Divi ā†’ Theme Options ā†’ Performance tab. For example, you might find that disabling only the “Defer jQuery And jQuery Migrate” option fixes your issue:

It might also be worth waiting a week or two for the Elegant Themes team to work through any further issues and then update after that.

Divi 4.10+ Performance Settings

We’re putting together a comprehensive guide on using the performance features along with recommended settings for our additional recommended performance plugin WP Rocket.

DiviWP customers are welcome to open a support ticket and we’ll see if we can help you or advise you if you’re experiencing any issues with 3rd party plugins.

Happy updating! šŸ™Œ

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