DiviWP launches on the Divi Marketplace

on August 8, 2020

I am so proud to announce that a selection of DiviWP’s Sections and Layouts are live on the Divi Marketplace!

The Divi Marketplace is a place where Divi developers and designers can sell their products to customers specifically looking for Divi Child Themes, Divi Extensions or Divi Layouts.

Elegant Theme’s summarise it best when they say:

“Think of it like the WordPress repository or the iPhone App Store, except just for Divi.”

The Importance of Quality Control

The beauty of the marketplace is browsing for Divi related products in one central space knowing that each and every product has been thoroughly reviewed and tested before being accepted.

This means customers can browse and purchase products safely in the knowledge that their purchases aren’t going to break their websites and are of a sufficiently high standard.

Elegant Themes have, and continue to, invest a ton of time reviewing code, designs and layouts and go through a strict quality assurance (QA) process to make sure each product meets their quality standards. We experienced this first-hand after submitting our layouts.

That’s why we’re so proud to have our Layouts and Sections listed on the marketplace because we’ve received a stamp of approval from the makers of Divi.

Why we offer DiviWP’s Layouts and Sections on the Divi Marketplace

Having our Layouts and Sections on the Divi Marketplace provides a unique opportunity to place our products in front of the hugely passionate and growing Divi user base.

Elegant Themes produce an incredible amount of helpful content for the community and have built up a huge following across so many different channels.

The Divi Marketplace provides a hugely beneficial level of exposure because we’re able to get our products in front of Divi users and ultimately help others to create beautiful and high-converting websites.

We believe there is huge value in our Yearly, Lifetime and Agency membership but realise that some customers might not be able to afford it or would prefer to just purchase one or two layouts or collections of sections.

That’s why we’re so proud to be part of the Divi Marketplace because it enables folks to purchase what they want while also exposing them to other great Divi products!

“Every time you purchase a product on the Divi marketplace, you are supporting a developer from the community and are helping to keep the ecosystem going strong! We are huge believers in the power of community, and we see the marketplace as a huge opportunity.”

– Nick Roach, CEO of Elegant Themes

So if you’re looking to purchase individual layouts or sections then browse to the Divi Marketplace and purchase from there!


DiviWP on the official Divi Marketplace


19 Layouts listed with more coming soon!


10+ Collections of Section Layouts

9+ Page Layouts
Fully responsive and mobile optimised
Professional Support
Yearly updates
DiviWP on the Divi Marketplace

New Layouts and Sections are coming soon!

I mentioned this in our previous update and I’m so excited to release more layouts and sections on the Divi Marketplace.

As always I am eager to hear from you so please feel free to drop me a line and tell me more about yourself, your business, what you like about the Divi Marketplace or what you’d like to see next!

Tristan – Founder, DiviWP

P.S You can follow follow DiviWP on Twitter or Facebook or drop me a line in the comments or via the contact form . I read everything and am eager to hear from you!


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