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on September 23, 2020

Hot on the heels of our recently released Headers I am very pleased to release  Footer Sections!

Here’s a summary of the features and you can view all of the demos on the Footers page.

Divi Menu Modules optimized for Footers

Each of Footer Section uses the built-in Menu Module for the menu functionality along with combinations of Image Modules, Text Modules, Blurb Modules, Optin Modules and Social Follow Modules. 

Dark and Light variations

Included in this pack are both dark and light options for you to experiment with.

Sleek Menu Modules

Each DiviWP Footer Section uses Divi’s Menu Module to display each menu.

With some clever CSS, these menus do not collapse into the default mobile menu and hamburger but rather display beautifully in lists.

And on Mobile:

Each Footer sections comes with CSS included to style the NEW and UPDATED Pills in the examples above.

You can optionally choose to include these in your Menu navigation labels or not.

Stunning Newsletter Optin Options

Footer Sections 1,2,9,10,11 and 12 include an Optin Form Module. 

Combining Newsletter Sections in Footers is a great way to increase subscribers and DiviWP Newsletter Sections will all work seamlessly with these Footers!

Beautiful Blurb Options

Footers 13 – 20 include beautiful Blurbs to focus attention on calls-to-action. DiviWP Blurb Sections will also all work seamlessly with these Footers!

Documentation and Support

These footers make use of custom CSS to achieve the desired functionality and design.

We’ve written-up a fairly comprehensive starting point documentation for customizations and we’ll improve and add to this as we go.

You can rest assured that support is always on-hand and we’ll be able to guide you as far as possible.

Divi Builder Plugin Compatibility

Currently these footers are not compatible with the stand alone Divi Builder Plugin.

The complexities of working with a multitude of different themes and CSS hierarchies makes it hard to ensure a high standard of user experience with our Footers. Shoot us an email if you’re in need of this though and we’ll do our best to get you hooked up.

Full Site Editing Capabilities

With the release of DiviWP Headers and Footers, we’ve taken our first step towards a full site editing experience and the possibilities for creating beautiful conversion optimized landing pages are now easier than ever. 

We’ve still got plenty in the design pipeline including more Theme Builder templates, Pricing Sections, Blog Sections, Landing Pages and WooCommerce modules! 

Tristan – Founder, DiviWP

P.S You can follow follow DiviWP on Twitter or Facebook or drop me a line in the comments or via our support form . I read everything and am eager to hear from you! What would you like to see next? 


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