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on November 12, 2020

We are very excited to publish our next batch of Sections for you –  Pricing Sections!

Here’s a summary of the features and you can view all of the demos on the Pricing Sections page.

Cominations of Blurbs, Text Modules and Buttons offers so many more design options than the default Pricing Module

We’re huge fans of the Blurb, Text and Button Modules because they provide so much design and layout versatility.

That’s why we’ve combined these modules with interesting column layouts to produce beautiful, clean and conversion optimized Pricing Sections that can be used in a variety of contexts and use-cases.

The standard Divi Pricing Module is just too restrictive for this, especially if you want to get creative in your layout configurations and combine interesting blurb and text modules.

Everything is editable via the Visual Builder which means you can also mix and match various elements to create your own unique designs.

Dark and Light variations

Included in these Pricing Sections are a selection of both dark and light options for you to experiment with or integrate into your own design system.

DiviWP Pricing Sections

Editable Ribbons via the Visual Module or via Custom CSS

We’ve included a variety of ribbons you can use to illustrate sales, discounts, best deals or any other tag.

These ribbons are Text Modules positioned absolutely via the Visual Builder and are fully editable.

DiviWP Pricing Ribbons

We’ve also provided CSS options to illustrate how you could use CSS ribbons via Custom CSS in a Columns Advanced Tab:


Interactive Toggle

Included in the Pricing Section is an interactive toggle you can use to switch between Monthly and Annual plans.

You can use any Row for each of the toggle states, enabling you to create an endless array of possibilities!


Beautiful Helper Button and Text Modules to cut-and-paste into your own designs

We’ve included a selection of beautifully designed helper modules you can use within your own page designs or sections.

These include Primary and Secondary Buttons Modules, Pills, Ribbons, Circular Ribbons and Custom CSS Ribbons.

DiviWP Pricing Helper Modules

Documentation and Support

We’ve written-up a fairly comprehensive starting point documentation for customizations and we’ll improve and add to this as we go.

You can rest assured that support is always on-hand and we’ll be able to guide you as far as possible.

There’s more to come!

We’re actively working on so many cool and exciting things  (including a few top-secret projects!)

We’ve got Blog Sections, Landing Pages and WooCommerce Sections all coming soon. These will all be released in the coming weeks and months and we’re aiming to increase our release schedule as we grow and move forward.

We hope you like the new updates!

Tristan – Founder, DiviWP

P.S You can follow follow DiviWP on Twitter or Facebook or drop me a line in the comments or via our support form . I read everything and am eager to hear from you!

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